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Coaching Questions and Answers (Q&A)

B. Wright

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Coaching and counseling are different professions entirely. Though people who are not aware of the difference(s) confuse these two words or professions for themselves. Counselling has been in use for long, but coaching is a term that just started in the 1980s. Counseling focuses mainly on one’s past. It helps in dealing with emotional pains, personal conflicts, relationship, which may so may not require any kind of therapy. When it comes to coaching, this deals majorly with one’s present. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the past.

It is a kind of training, in which people are coached, trained, or developed into being there better self in whatever profession, area, or field of life it focuses. Counseling deals more with one’s emotions or feelings, but coaching has to do with taking actions and maximizing one’s potential. Counselling operates more by giving a clinical or medical approach; while coaching is about making one accountable in building or developing an identified potential.

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Coaching is hardly a One Time activity; I just cannot agree with this answer.

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