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Cloud Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Cirrus clouds.

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Is it same A wind vane and wind vane? Isn't it?

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Both Fog and Clouds occur as water droplets that are suspended in the sky. Almost every part of the world experience these two types of conditions in the sky. These two conditions usually occur as a result of a process called condensation. This has to do with the conversion of gas molecules to water vapor through evaporation. When the light from the sun comes on the earth surface, it evaporates the water molecules and turns them into water vapor in the sky.

This water vapor mixed with the air and it is, in turn, precipitated back as water in the form of rain. Cloud is a visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air. Fog, on the other hand, is also a form of a cloud that forms very near the ground. When fog is formed, it often comes like a thick form of cloud and it will be very difficult to see any object from afar because of the thickness of the cloud.

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Its an amount, how can it be humidity...

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It´s true! Cumulonimbus is a heavy cloud that make storms, thunderstorms, strong rain, hail, etc. It´s a vertical formation cloud! It´s the bigger in vertical formation!!

The cumulonimbus or cumulonimbus clouds are highly vertical, internally formed by a column of warm, moist air that rises in a rotating spiral. Its base is usually less than 2 km high while the summit can reach 15 to 20 km altitude. When they are fully developed they adopt an anvil shape with the point backwards with respect to the direction of the storm's displacement, that is, to leeward. These clouds usually produce intense rainfall and thunderstorms, especially when they are already fully developed

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You should pick a different word because some sources interchange layer with sheet as a layer so layer being incorrect can be confusing.

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