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Geographically, Mumbai is made up of seven major islands which were once under the rule of the Portuguese before its capture by the East India Company. Mumbai is the economic capital of India, and it is the most crowded city in the country. Before the 18th century, there was no city and just seven islands full of villages in the area. When the British built a port near the harbor in the 18th century, the infrastructure improved impeccably, and it led to a rise in population in the surrounding area. It became so large it would eventually overwhelm all villages.

The British called it Bombay, which is a corruption of the Portuguese word Bom Bahia, which means good bay. The name Bombay became very famous all over India, and even distinct parts of the world, only after it became a lucrative hub of the world.

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The correct answer is Charles Darnay. In “A Tale of Two Cities” written by Charles Dickens, Charles Darnay is the nephew of Marquis Evrémondes. Charles Darnay is the son of Marquis Evrémondes deceased twin brother. Marquis Evrémondes is described as an arrogant and pitiless French aristocrat who was out to imprison his nephew.

He was killed by a French peasant named Gaspard who takes justice into his own hands. Gaspard killed Marquis Evrémondes as a revenge for his son that was destroyed by Marquis Evrémondes. After hiding for about a year, Gaspard was arrested and executed. He was made to pay for his actions.

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Texas! Texas is the region I will like to live in. Life is a little more comfortable in Texas than in other regions in the United States. I am a big fan of warm weather, and Texas seems perfect for this, with little to no snow in certain areas and much sunshine, Texas is my choice in terms of weather.

The cost of living is also lower compared to other regions. The ever growing economy and the rate of unemployment are encouraging as well. Happy lives in Texas! Texas is full of many amazing naturally beautiful places, outdoor entertainment such as food trucks and large football fields. I love Texas, and I will like to live in this region.

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R. Barnes

I am a nature lover.

Cities are more extensive than towns and are more densely populated. They generally cover a more widespread area than towns because towns are smaller. As cities advance, they may from time to time merge with, or incorporate surrounding areas.

The center power mainly rests in the cities and not in the towns; therefore, corporate bodies rule the cities. Cities tend to have proper sanitation, drinking water, and better infrastructure, which includes well-paved roads. Municipalities do not have as many people; therefore, they are not as well planned or built for traffic.

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Opinion because whe you add concrete and signs on the road.

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Meet new people from different background, culture, race with different beliefs always excite me. I love to make new friends, learning a new culture sounds like much fun for me, so I love to meet new people and interact with them. Over time, these people become friends.

I love to do this every time. Swimming, partying and attending fashion shows are activities that can be fun as well, as I love to swimming, party and attend shows with my friends and close acquaintances but meeting new people and making new friends tops the list for me.

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The city of Pernambuco is in Brazil. Pernambuco is one of the states of Brazil and is located in the north-eastern part of the country. The current governor and vice governor of Pernambuco are Paulo Camara and Raul Henry respectively. It is ranked 19th in terms of area size in Brazil because it covers a total area of 98,311.616 square kilometers. In terms of population, Pernambuco is ranked 7th in Brazil states with a total population of more than 9 million people.

Pernambuco is a narrow coastal zone which means that lands in this area are fertile, an intermediate zone with slopes and terraces and a high inland plateau or also called the sertao are areas that are high, dry, stony and frequently experiences long droughts.

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Cork is in the country of Ireland. Ireland is ranked 20th in terms of area size with 84,421 square kilometers in area. It is ranked 19th in terms of population with a total population of more than 6 million people. Cork is a city in south-west Ireland within the province of Munster and was founded in 6th century AD.

It has a population of more than 125 thousand people and an area of 37.3 square kilometers. Originally, Cork was a monastic settlement founded by Saint Finbarr in the 6th century. It only became urbanized when Norseman or Viking settlers founded a trading port in the area. It has a recorder high temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a recorder low temperature of negative 8.6 Celsius.

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Nunavut is a Canadian territory located in the very north part of the country. At one time, it was a part of the Northwest Territory near the end of the 1900s. The capital city is Iqaluit. It is also its biggest city. There are no other cities in this territory besides its capital city. It is located on Baffin Bay. This territory contains many large and small islands that lead all the way up to the Arctic Circle.

Most of the time, this city is isolated from the rest of the world so it has to bring in food and products from other areas of Canada and other countries. This city only has about seven thousand people and covers less than 400 square miles in area.

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