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Citation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Indent the left side of the first line only , single - space the quotation , and include the in- text citation at the end .

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Use brackets[] around the information you add and ellipses enclosed in brackets[...] for your informatiions you omit.

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This is actually a great question and one that many people, especially students get wrong. When providing an in-text citation, the period always comes after the citation.

If you end the sentence before giving the in-text citation, it no longer is clear what the citation is referring to and is a big mistake for MLA citations. MLA is just one of the different citation and writing styles that students may be required to use. APA format is another very common style usually used in college and in the sciences.

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Global warming has an effect not only in North America but the rest of the world. One of the most evident things is climate change. There was a time when warm, sunny days are comforting but because of the appearance of CFC, hot, summer days are now extremely stiffling and uncomfortable.

There are also obvious changes with the weather. People may experience rain during the summer time and people may experience heat even when it is not supposed to be too hot. People may be able to adjust to these changes but what will happen in the future if people would not change? The world may become even hotter that it will not be able to sustain life anymore.

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HhgWhat is wrong with the following citation? Allan, Joseph. How the Americans Made Sugar in the West. Journal of

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The answer to this is letter C. It can be confusing to cite different passages and resources, but this is required, especially when you are making research papers or your thesis. If you do not add the right citations correctly, you will probably be called out for it, or you may even be accused of plagiarizing certain portions of your paper.

This is something that you do not want to happen. Do remember that there are different ways that you can cite sources. Some professors would require the APA format while there are also others who would need the Harvard format. There are some slight differences that you should be aware of so that the citations will be correct.

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Omits thre author name and just use the page number itself.

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