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Relays and circuit breakers are devices used to stop currents flowing through circuits. The main difference between relay and circuit breaker is that relay is typically used as a switch in circuits with small currents from flowing in circuits.

A circuit breaker is a device used in an electrical panel that monitors and controls the number of amperes sent through the electrical wiring. Circuit breakers are provided in a variety of sizes. A circuit breaker is a mechanically operated electrical switch made to protect an electrical circuit from harm incurred by excess current from an overload or a short circuit.

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MCB and MCCB are the short forms of Miniature Circuit Breaker and Molded Case Circuit Breaker. As contained in their names, they are both circuit breaker, meaning, they are electrical switches capable of opening and closing an electrical circuit in all operating conditions, including fault situations.

The first difference between the two circuit breakers is their capacity. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) comes with the capacity of 100amps, while MCCB comes with the capacity of 2500amps. Due to the lower capacity of MCB, it is used for connection with low-energy. It is used for home wiring and other smaller electronic works. MCCB, on the other hand, is used for the electrical connection of high power equipment.

The interrupting rating of MCB is quite different from the interrupting rating of MCCB. MCB comes with the interrupting rating of 18,000, while MCCB comes with the interrupting rating of 200,000. Finally, the position of both MCB and MCCB must be known for safety reasons.

1 Answer

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