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Circle Questions and Answers (Q&A)

J. Harty, Writer
Answered: May 23, 2019
The circumference is the measurement of a circle. There are different reasons why you may need to calculate the circumference of a circle in real life. If you wanted to know the area of a pizza...Read More

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R. Glover, Editor
Answered: Aug 01, 2019
A circle is a figure, and a two-dimensional sphere is a three-dimensional object. One can only calculate the surface of a circle, whereas it is possible to calculate the volume of a sphere. A...Read More

1 Answer

Daniel Frederic, Editor
Answered: Jul 12, 2019
Circle and eclipse are mostly discussed in mathematics, and they usually come with problems that are technical most times. However, there are some differences between the circle and the eclipse....Read More

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John Adney, Editor
Answered: Mar 14, 2017
Perpendicular drawn from centre of chord bisects the chord hence am = md
also bm=mc
hence cd=10cm

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