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Chromosome Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Sophia Lee Ryan
Answered: Aug 18, 2017
(B) 23 An unfertilized egg, or ovum, contains 23 chromosomes, which are paired with the 23 chromosomes from a sperm during fertilization. These chromosomes are paired up to determine the un...Read More

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Sophia Lee Ryan
Answered: Aug 18, 2017
(C) 23 A sperm cell contains 23 chromosomes, which is the same number of chromosomes contained in an egg, or ovum. When the sperm and egg combine during fertilization, they create what is c...Read More

2 Answers

K. Myers, Blogger
Answered: Aug 24, 2018
The chromosome that causes down syndrome is also known as chromosome 21. It is very likely for 1 out of 700 pregnancies for this extra chromosome to take place. The risk is always higher when the...Read More

1 Answer

Markda John
Answered: Jan 01, 2018
For a human male offspring, the correct answer is that the offspring must have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Other species don’t necessarily follow this model, but there is always...Read More

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