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Should have more clarification the question stating on wether the child has special needs or not becuase i personally think its false

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Intellectual disability and learning disability are not actually the same, but the two conditions i.e Intellectual disability and learning disability have the capacity to affect learning process and learning progress in a child. Intellectual disability is a mental disorder that affects one's ability to function well in daily social activities, academics and communication. The condition can also be referred to as intellectual retardation; this talks more about people who are having their intelligence quotient level below average. While Learning disability has to do with a condition in students who are having problems with comprehension.

Learning disability has the capacity to affect the academic achievements of a student because it affects virtually every area of learning process. A student suffering from this condition might be having difficulties in reading, writing and assimilation. Invariably, intellectual disability is confined to difficulties in area pertaining to Communication, reasoning and decision making, memory and self-help. While learning disability talks about difficulties pertaining to areas of learning, writing and comprehension.

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Negotiation is the correct spelling, just a heads up.

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Cancer Research is the correct spelling.

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