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Chemistry Practice Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer to this is A. A polar covalent bond is present in the water. This is a type of bond wherein the different electrons are closer to the oxygen nucleus as compared to the hydrogen nucleus. What is a polar covalent bond in the first place?

This is known to be an unstable type of bond as the electrons are shared between atoms in an unequal manner. A nonpolar covalent bond is composed of bonds that have the same number of electrons. Take note that this can occur in two similar atoms or two completely different atoms.

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The correct answer to this question is A, 2. Strontium is a chemical element. It is metal, which is soft and silver. Strontium has several uses. One important use is that it blocks X-rays that TV tubes emit. Strontium is also what allows glow in the dark paint to do what its name says.

One use that all will be familiar with is related to fireworks. The color red that we sell in fireworks is Strontium. It is highly reactive and is the 15th most abundant element on Earth. Its atomic number is 38, and the symbol is Sr. When Strontium is at room temperature, it is solid.

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The answer to this is B. A Compound. A compound is composed of two or more atoms depending on the two elements that are mixed together in order to mix it. These elements are pure which means that a compound is also pure. Take note that the elements that are present in the compound are usually fixed.

For instance, water will not be formed unless there are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. They all need to bond with each other in order to form H20. There are different ratios that are available for the different type of compounds that are used. If you are trying to make compounds, it is best to know how much is needed to create what you need.

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All metals are conductors of electricity, however, each type of metal has different conductivity level, and thus, some are more conductive than the other. For example, the Copper metal is one of the most common, if not the most common metal used to conduct electricity. It is a highly conductive material that is commonly seen as components in electrical wirings.

However, copper is not the most conductive metal on the planet. The truth is that silver is the most conductive metal with more or less 105% conductivity level versus the copper’s 100%. On the other hand, the problem with silver is that it can be tarnished, which can cause problems when used in electrical devices.

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A few properties distinguish something to be a heterogeneous mixture. Included in this are mixtures that do not evenly mix, have more than one phase, particles are not uniformly distributed, and it is easily seperated physically. Some examples of these types of mixtures includes salt and pepper, cereal, rocks, and a mixed bag of candy.

Another example of a heterogeneous mixture is a salad. In a salad the components do not mix into one another. Even though they mix to make up a whole they retain their own set of properties and can be easily separated from one another.

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Electrons are the particles that have a negative charge. Protons are the particles that have a positive charge. There are also neutrons which have a neutral charge. A lot of these particles are found in atoms and molecules. They do different things. The electron was discovered back in 1897 by J. J. Thomson. It has a mass of 9.109 times ten to the negative thirty-first power of kilograms.

It has a half spin. It was theorized though earlier than 1897 because Richard Laming and G. Johnstone Stoney and a few others speculated it in 1838-1851 and 1974 respectively. When two electrons come together chemically, they are bonded together. This type of bond where electrons are shared is called a covalent bond.

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The chemical formula Fe2(SO3)3 indicates nothing above. Chemical formulas are used in chemistry to refer to compounds and elements. There are various different types of compounds, having different types of bonding among them such as covalent bonding and ionic bonding.

Chemical formulas are used in chemical reactions so as to study the effect that occurs when compounds react with each other. The formation of new chemical formulas are based on rules of reaction engineering. Chemical formulas are used in all domains of sciences, and majorly in chemistry and its subdomains including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, chemical and particle chemistry.

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Isn't an element only one single atom? And a compound more than one?

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A is the right answer. Alpha radiation or alpha particles contain two neutrons and two protons that are also known as the helium-4 nuclei. Due to their combined mass and their charges, they have a strong interaction with matter. Their velocities can only penetrate a sheet of paper up to two-centimeter cardboard.

This radiation cannot penetrate the outer dead skin cell layers; thus it cannot damage the live tissues underneath it. Though this radiation might not cause harm to people on Earth, this can be dangerous to astronauts as the magnetic field of the Earth deflects them. This can be extremely harmful to Earthlings when they have inhaled or ingested radioisotopes that emit alpha radiation.

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