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Chemical Kinetics Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Ea translates as activation energy and this would be the minimum amount of energy required for you or me to rise from the chair and walk across the room or perform any task that would involve a specific chemical reaction.

This reaction will kick start the chemicals or enzymes necessary to produce the get-up-and-go required to complete the string of sufficient response to start, an example, a combustion engine. In biochemical processing, the molecules require energy to have a reaction begin. They need that push so that they collide and hence the reaction is created.

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There are certain things that people look for if a chemical reaction has taken place or not. Some of these characteristics are the following: you are going to detect a change in color. You are also going to detect that there is a change in the smell. You can expect that there is a temperature change.

There are some items that will react that way. This means that cutting paper is not a type of chemical change because the paper is still the same. It is still paper. The only difference is that its shape and size are different. When you burn paper, that is when a chemical reaction takes place because the paper turns to ash.

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Chemical reactions occurs between different chemicals. They usually occur because different substances have different properties. Certain substances have higher affinities, whereas others have unstable valence electrons. This results in different reactivity of the compounds. When these substances interact, the substance with the higher affinity takes over and cause the chemical reaction.

In addition, there is a major role of bond energies in the process as well. Where there is a lower bond energy involved, the activation energy is lower and the reaction can proceed. Activation energy is the energy required to initiate a chemical reaction. Hence, when the activation energy is provided and the bond energies are low, the reaction proceeds simultaneously.

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