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The coefficients of the correctly balanced equation are the following: 1, 3, 2, and 3. Take note that balancing equations is something that people find complicated especially if they have not memorized the needed information yet. Those who do know how to balance chemical equations simply have...Read More

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Chemical reaction and chemical equation are not technically same.

Achemical reaction is a process of converting one or more substance into a new substance.

Howeverchemical equation is the symbolic representation of chemical reaction.

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In a lab, the students or scientists must make observations from the experiments that they are conducting. When a student mixes chemicals in a lab, they may need to be aware of the results. Sometimes, explosions happen in laboratories because the chemicals that are mixed together should not be...Read More

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The answer to this question is A. H20 is not H202. It will be an entirely different compound. A lot of people are aware that H20 is water. H202 is known as hydrogen peroxide. A lot of people are more familiar with this as a disinfectant. This may be used to clean wounds or to clean differ...Read More

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