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Chemical Element Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Ion and isotope mean two different things. An ion is an atom or group of atoms that bears an electrical charge. It refers to the same element that a different numbers of electrons because it has either lost or gained electrons. Cations are positively charged ions. Such ions have lost electrons from their energy levels. Anion refers to ions that gain electrons to their energy level, and they are negatively charged.

Examples of ions include: Ca2+, Al3+, Cl-, and Fe2+ Isotope refers to any of two or more forms of an element where the atoms have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons within their nuclei. As a result of this, atoms of isotopes will have the same atomic number but have a different mass number. A common example of an isotope is Carbon 12 and Carbon 14.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, the creation of the diamond may be less than glamorous. It is made of carbon. When carbon begins to crystalize, the diamond is about to be born. Graphite is also a part of the making of the diamond because it is associated with carbon.

Unlike diamonds that are considered to be precious, carbon is actually abundant in the Earth. Graphite also is used to make the lead in pencils.

Carbon is also used to make different types of textiles. It is difficult to believe that diamonds and cotton actually come from the same element in the ground. Also, silk, hemp, and cashmere are also made from carbon polymers. Then these things are turned into clothing.

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The ionization energy is when an electron is removed, and it is the amount of energy needed to remove it. This electron is the easiest to remove because it is the most loosely bound electron. It could be a valence electron. There is a formula which is X plus energy leads to positive X plus negative e. There are specific trends that are used from this ionization.

They are that the power increases as you move to the right within the period of the periodic table. It will decrease if you move to the bottom of the periodic table. If some ionization energies are reported for element X. All the values are in kJ/mol. The first is 500, and the second is 4560, the third is 6910, the fourth is 9540, and the fifth is 13400. The most likely identity of X is Na.

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