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R. Barnes

But Can you play this?

Scanf and gets are both C functions that read inputs made by a user from standard input. Although they have some similarities, scanf and gets, have some notable differences. Scanf is mostly used to read single characters from a user. It continues to read inputs until it encounters space or...Read More

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Personally, character and attitude are very different from each other. Attitude is the most real part of a person while the character is what he or she portrays or shows. For example, person A and B both got angry to a person C because person C forgot an important date for them three. Person A...Read More

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Mrs. Weidenbach’s sweaty forehead shows that she is nervous about talking to Grandma
Mrs. Weidenbach from A Year Down Yonder is the spouse of a banker in the town. She is extremely vain and loves to talk about her honorable lineage. Grandma places her in her place by welcoming her...
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Camelot camelot caelot camelot camelot camelot camelot camelot camelot camelot

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You would like to use the character that is supposed to produce the most damage so that you will be able to advance to the other stages of the game. A DPS tracer would have the ability to check the different DPS of the characters, but you have to remember that the current conditions will also...Read More

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B. Strickland

Ask me anything!

This is something that people would say if they feel that they are being annoyed by a female. There are times when people use this when they are just annoyed, and there are also some who use this when they feel that the female is a slut. After saying, “Begone Thot!” People wou...Read More

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Option D (4,2,6,3,7,5 and 1) is the correct order of events in chapter 1 and 2 of Hachet.
The novel hatchet, is an honor winning young adult wilderness survival series written by Gary Paulsen.
In the novel, Brian's mother gave him a hatchet before he left for New York. The pil...
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NO u ARE NOT human when there is a creepypasta watching u and u will go insaine and it will end up to be a very creepy human being

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