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The question says the switch1 is configured properly for remote access. There is not indication on the configuration applied on switch1 to assume default-gateway is not configured.

The link between Router2 and Switch2 should be trunk and the ip on Switch2 should be configured on Vlan1...

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Right Medhat_tekka they should review the last question because it's layer 3 the correct answer

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A is the answer to this question. The network address is the first address of the subnet. This is important because this is needed to know details about the source and the destination of the different sub-networks available. The network address is also responsible for allowing the network to be...

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B. To reassemble the segments at the remote location
C. To specify the order in which the segments travel from source to destination

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The Cisco switch is also known as a catalyst. This Catalyst is the brand name for the switches used in networks. They are used as part of the operating systems and it allows certain software programs to run and function. One of those systems is the CatO S which is also known as the Catalyst...

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Please Change it. 1 (Cisco) and 4 (Cisco) is the same answer so both are correct.

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Typically, with a wireless controller, your WAPs will be in a VLAN specifically to manage the WAPs, and it will not be the same as a user data VLAN. The users on the WAPs will get assigned a user data VLAN by the controller, and the WAPs will tunnel the user data via a CAPWAP tunnel to the...

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Hello John.
I don't get this.
The Ethernet ports will give upto 100Mbs speed- I'm sure this is sufficient for a WAN link connection.
The answer you gave is also correct as serial interfaces can provide high speed connection too.

My question is, why is serial interfaces...

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Can anyone confirm, which is the right answer because I do not think, CISCO is the right answer?

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The OSI model stands for the Open Systems Interconnection model. This involves the communication system needed for a computer to function and communicate to other systems. There are seven layers in the OSI model.

These layers include the physical layer, data link layer, network layer,...

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