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I wasn't sure if this was by population or area but both are wrong either way. Vancouver'spopulation is around 600,000 and its area is 115 km squared. Toronto'spopulation is over 2 million and its area is 630 km squared. Also if you were going by metro population, Vancouver would also be wrong....Read More

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The Canadian Shield, likewise called the Laurentian Plateau, is an expansive territory of uncovered Precambrian volcanic and high-review metamorphic rocks (topographical shield) that structures the old land center of the North American mainland. Made out of molten magma coming about because of...Read More

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Hi There, Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It is the world's second-largest country by total area. Canada has a beautiful and amazing nature for the tourist to experience. Canada is a safe country to travel as a tourist. To travel to Canada you need a visa, witho...Read More

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If we are talking about terrestrial ecozones, Canada has fifteen. However, if we are talking about aquatic ecozones, Canada has five. The terrestrial ecozones are as follows: Arctic Cordillera which runs along the northeastern part of Labrador and Nunavut, Northern Arctic which includes north...Read More

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The answer is letter C.

The main biomes of Western Canada are tundra, grasslands and forests. Biomes are ecological communities of plants and animals occupying a large portion of an area. There are actually four (4) biomes in Canada, the other one that is not previously mentioned...
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10 Introduction/First Reading, Second Reading, Committee Stage, Report Stage, Third Reading, If its passed goes to the Senate and repeats the same steps which equal's 10...Read More

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Canada is a developed country. They have a pretty stable economy, a prime minister who respects many rights, and have a stable government as well. They’re so stable, government-wise, that they are able to accept a lot of refugees. The Canadians actually have a really cool system for that;...Read More

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The canada yield call is the calculated call price of a bond based on a yield equal to an equivalent-term government of canada bond plus an additional amount of yield added on. For example, if the equivalent-term government of canada bond has a yield of 5% and the canada yield call requires...Read More

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