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Calculus Questions and Answers (Q&A)

To find the median number: Put all the numbers in numerical order. If there is an odd number of results, the median is the middle number. If there is an even number of results, the median will be the mean of the two central numbers.

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He should report letter A, the mean. The mean can sometimes be complicated because there are several types available depending on the branch of mathematics that you are considering. The arithmetic mean is considered to be the “average.” This is the central value when there are different numbers available.

Usually, the different numbers will be added together and they will be divided by the value of the numbers in order to get the average. This may produce a higher amount as compared to using median and mode. This can be the data that the reporter can use in order to prove his point that major league players are overpaid.

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The answer to this is E. The answer isn’t given in the choices. The 2nd first quartile will show 25th percentile. The 3rd number will serve as the median or the 50th percentile. Based on these details, it is evident that 25% of the data available will be about 35 to 61. This means that 25% of the test takers may have gotten that score.

Statistics is considered to be important because this is the chance of people to start learning from data. Through the probability, it will be easier to determine what steps would need to be taken to get better results in the long run.

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