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1) Intensive Distribution:
Intensive distribution's objective is to bring about saturation coverage of the market by using all available outlets. For many products, total sales are directly linked to the number of outlets used.
2) Selective Distribution:
Selective distribution comprises a producer using a limited number of outlets in a geographical area to sell products
3) Exclusive Distribution:
Exclusive distribution is an extreme form of selective distribution in which only one wholesaler, retailer or distributor is used in a particular geographical area.
Also referred to an agreement between a supplier and a retailer granting the retailer exclusive rights within a particular geographical area to convey the supplier's product. Often the supplier severely limits the number of products it supplies the retailer as well.

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He is nineteen years old.
He has learned everything he could from Mr. Royer.
He has proved himself capable of working hard.

Milton S. Hershey made one of the vast American fortunes in the early 1900s through dogged persistence and the courage to go after a dream. Though he was modest and unassuming in appearance, Milton Hershey was a shrewd and determined businessman.

He had the popularity for timing and an instinctive ability to choose loyal and competent people to help him. A renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, "he measured success, not just in dollars, but regarding a good product to pass on to the public, and still more in the usefulness of those dollars for the benefit of his fellow men."

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ValueAxis is the class which opens up value axis on the chart. The chart can have any number of value axes. For a Serial diagram, one value axis is created automatically. For XY Chart two value axes (horizontal and vertical) are generated automatically.
Value Axis
The chart element that displays incremental numbers to identify approximate values, such as dollars or units, of data points in the chart.

How do you change the scale of a chart axis?

In a chart, click the value axis that you want to change, or do the following to select the axis from a list of chart elements

On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click Format Selection.

In the Format Axis dialog box, click Axis Options, and then do one or more of the following:

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Requirements Management Plan describes how requirements will be analyzed, documented and managed. Requirements are the foundations of project scope. Stakeholder requirements are gathered, evaluated and finalized and then these constitute the foundations of project scope.

Requirements Management Plan includes:

• How requirements activities will be planned, tracked and reported
• Configuration management activities:
• Requirements prioritization process:
• Product metrics and Finally,
• traceability structure

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Option analysis: Option analysis is a statistical method based on the idea that alters over time will affect the cost and merit of a future IT investment. If it has no option to change the decision, the IT organization must abide by the original decision. The key responsibilities in this step include:

Discovering expectations from your primary stakeholders

Ensuring the business objectives are straightforward and actionable to provide the project team with momentum and context while defining the scope and, later on, the detailed requirements.

Discovering the primary business objectives sets the stage for defining scope, ensuring that you don’t end up with a solution that solves the wrong problem or, even worse, with a solution that no one can even determine is successful or not.

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MAD is an American magazine established in 1952 by manager Harvey Kurtzman and distributer William Gaines, propelled as a comic book before it became a magazine. It was generally imitated and powerful, affecting sarcastic media, and the social scene of the twentieth century, with editorial manager Al Feldstein expanding readership to in excess of two million amid its 1974 course top. From 1952 until 2018, Mad had distributed 550 standard issues, and in addition, several reproduce "Specials," unique material soft cover books, republish arrangement books and other print projects. The magazine will return to 1 after the April 2018 issue.

The magazine is the last surviving title from the EC Comics line, which happens to be the sole owner offering parody on all aspects of life and pop culture, governmental issues, entertainment, and socialites.

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AOL (first called "Control Video Corporation (1983–85)" then later "Quantum Computer Services (1985–91)" and finally became America Online in 1991–2009) is a web-based interface and online service provider situated in New York. It is a brand promoted by Oath, a secondary company of Verizon Communications. AOL was one of the early pioneers of the internet in the mid-90s, and the most perceived brand on the web in the Unified States.

It initially gave a dial-up service to many Americans, and in addition, giving an internet interface, email, messaging and later a web program following its buy of Netscape. At the stature of its prevalence, it bought the media aggregate Time Warner in the biggest merger in U.S. history. AOL quickly declined from that point, mostly because of the decay of dial-up to broadband. AOL was inevitably sequel from Time Warner in 2009, with Tim Armstrong delegated as the new President.

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As indicated by statistics acquired from different security personnel, a property (private) crime was accounted at least every ten minutes in homes. In a broader interview conducted, it further proves that the result is quite sobering. In antagonism to public opinion, privacy crimes are by a long shot the most announced crimes in the United States, not rough crimes; property crimes are around ten times more predominant than violent crimes with an alarming difference of 10 – 3 million every year.

Theft/Burglary - This hits the highest point of the crime list, far exceeding some other crime. The number of theft in the US alone is alarming – with over 7 million of such cases detailed every year, making up 60% of every known crime.

Aggravated Assault - Aggravated assault comes in as one of the most regular crimes in the United States. Aggravated assault is characterized as an assault with which aims to attacking an individual either carnally or with a weapon with the primary aim of injuring or even killing the person.

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The answer to this question is simply “property crime.” Much property crime can be understood as far as the parts, and social systems of property culprits are considered. Most property guilty parties are amateur criminals: They are youthful and incompetent in the methods for crime, and the sum they pick up from any single robbery is moderately little. They don't plan their crimes and rather perpetrate them when they see a prospect for quick, adventurous unlawful act, unlike their trained perpetrators.

These experts always plan their crimes well ahead of time. The supposed feline thief, somebody who scales tall structures to take ornaments, costly work of art, or a huge amount of money, is maybe the prototypical case of the expert property culprits.

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Generally, advertisement is a form of building an image of the brand right in the mind of the consumer and the general populace. On the other hand, a sales promotion is fundamentally done in order to push short term effects or sales.

This implies that a business can have adverts all over the place just informing people that “we exist and want you to know what we offer.” Also, the same business can have sales promotions in order to sell certain products at certain prices within a fixed time. Advertising has its benefits rooted in the long-term. Sales promotion has its benefits in the short-term. They are both utilised by businesses across the universe.

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