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You use the data loader for these following situations: B. When you need to schedule regular loads. C. When you export data for backup purposes. E. When you need to load records that are more than 50,000. If you are not familiar with what a data loader is, this is a type of application that is used in order to gather and download bulk data from a source.

This can be helpful for the three situations that are mentioned above. There may be different methods that will be followed depending on where you are getting the source from and where you are going to download the data.

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There are different users who can be assigned with a workflow task. Based on the given, four out of the five can be provided with a workflow task easily. A workflow will require a certain process that needs to be followed in order to acquire the type of goal that people need to have in the end. This can be assigned to different people and they just have to follow the process in order to get the outcome that they want.

One example of a workflow task is if you would be required to have a document approved. This may need to go through a lot of people for their signatures before you can truly say that the task has been completed.

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