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Business Law Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The United States has a common law system. The common law beganas a body of general rules applied in the courts throughout England

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The world of business law can be tricky and complex. It takes a lot of time and dedication to study and then practice in order to sufficiently practice business law. One of the first things to try to familiarize yourself with are the terms that are used in relation to business law.

For instance a partially disclosed principal is one whose agent reveals that he has a principle, but does not reveal the principal’s identity. The concept holds important implications when it comes to liability law. In certain cases you might run across a disclosed principal or a undisclosed principal as well. It’s important to learn about all three instances.

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The best option for this is D. Daniel is going to bring traveler’s check. There are a lot of people who love traveling, but they do not want to bring a lot of cash with them. They know that money may be stolen more as compared to a cheque. The cheque usually comes with a fixed amount that can be cashed at the moment that the traveler reaches his location.

This means that the cash can also be appropriately budgeted. There will also be only enough cash for the activities that will be done during the day. This will lessen the possibility of having excess money that may get lost or may be spent on unnecessary things.

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