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Breakfast Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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One of the most popular meals you can make for breakfast is bread. With bread, there is a different type of dishes you can make from it, depending on how creative you are. Examples are breadsticks, bread garlic, bread rolls, bread poha, bread fritters, bread pizza, etc. The fact that you can make all of these from bread within a few minutes is the more reason why people prefer making them for breakfast. For instance, egg bread toast is an example of what you make with bread.

You just need ingredients like Tomato, chopped onions, turmeric, chilies, etc. To prepare egg bread toast is very simple. You start by breaking the egg and mix it thoroughly with other ingredients, and pour it inside a pan with oil, then apply heat. After a few minutes, spread the bread inside the hot pan and wait for a few minutes until everything is done. You can also wait before the egg gets done, after which you spread the egg on the bread, flip it and press it.

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There are plenty of things you could eat for a healthy breakfast. One idea is to have eggs. These have lots of protein and other things essential to your health. If eggs alone don’t please you, there are plenty of ways to spice it up; add cheese or vegetables and make an omelet. One way that is becoming more popular is to make eggs to eat with sweet potatoes, sausage, and potatoes. It creates a hash browns and eggs kind of situation, without all the negative add-ins of processed, frozen hash browns.

Another option for a healthy breakfast is yogurt. Greek yogurt with honey and flax is a wonderful option for those who want a dairy based, not protein based, breakfast.

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