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Spongebob is a great sponge. Spongebob may seem annoying to some people but in the end he's really funny and nice. Spongebob's friends care about him in the end even if they don't show it sometimes, even Squidward. One example of this is in an episode where Squidward thinks that Spongebob is gonna die and wants to make his last day really special by hanging out with him. Another example of this is even though Squidward is mean to Spongebob he is still nice to him and always wants to hang out. This is why I think Spongebob's friends care about him even if they don't show it because he is nice and caring to everyone.

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I think it should be called the hangy thingy because Uvila sounds boring

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Pizza is nice especially with cheese the sprinkle thingy, it is very satisfying

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