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Black Friday Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Black Friday refers to the day right after Thanksgiving and is typically regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season in the United States wherein retail stores offer discounted merchandises. This means that Black Friday can happen any day in November as long as it falls on Friday or the day right after Thanksgiving.

Many people even go to the extreme of falling in line as early as midnight to quickly get in the store as soon as it opens so they can buy the things they wanted at a very cheap price. It was even reported that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in the United States with other states declaring it as an official public holiday for people who are working in state governments.

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The day after the Thanksgiving(fourth Thursday of November) is called Black Friday. Black Friday is regarded as the starting of Christmas shopping season. It is not an official holiday however the state of California and some other states give their state employees holiday on this day making it a 4 day weekend which increases the shoppers.

Retailers start opening their businesses just after overnight. The reason black Friday has so many shoppers is a combination of Christmas season and hefty discounts on various commodities. Since 2005 retailers have seen an increase in profits every consecutive Black Friday. According to National Retailer Federation (NRF) in 2017, there was a total of 628 billion US dollars spent on Black Friday, which was a 4% increase from 2016.

2017 saw decrement in footfall in stores by 4% as 18% of the shoppers did their fair share of shopping online. 2017 also saw the rise in the number of shoppers through mobile service. Retailers such as JC Penny, RadioShack, and Best Buy hire a large number of employees on a temporary basis to facilitate shoppers. In total, 137 million shoppers went to shopping over 4 day weekend in 2017.

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