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Biology EOC Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If an animal cell were placed in a vial of ocean water, the cell would shrivel. This is because the solution outside the cell - the ocean water - is saltier than the solution inside the cell; in science, it’s called a hypertonic solution. When one side of the cell is saltier than the other, the water moves so that the end result is two isotonic solutions - two solutions of equal saltiness. The water inside the cell will leave the cell, resulting in the cell shriveling up. It will not die unless the ocean water had extra salt stirred into it.

The opposite would happen if you placed the cell in pure, unsalted water. The cell would swell because the solution inside is saltier than the one outside.

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A consumer is an animal or other organism that consumes food or obtains energy by eating other organisms. Sometimes, the organism will consume other organisms that have died already. Producers are the opposite because they gain energy and food by not feeding on other organisms. They acquire their energy through other methods. Photosynthesis usually plays a part in a producer’s way of living.

The organism is usually a plant that obtains sunlight and converts the light into energy. Not all consumers can eat any organism that they wish. Obviously, a toad could not consume a lion. It would be too big to feed off of. Therefore, there are different layers and levels of consumers. In this situation the snake is a third consumer due to the number of animals that eat other organisms on different levels.

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