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B Antecedent Variable at the moment it will be a manipulation for the behavior but hopefully another behavior will not occur.

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Not real sure about this one and the program is doing strange things so I can't deliver my answer.

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The correct answer to this question is D, All Of The Above. Relevant to consumers, this single trait approach puts the focus on one trait being consistent. Others traits are just as important, but the single strait is related to a particular behavior. Consumer Ethnocentrism is a reflec...Read More

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The terms behavioral objective, instructional objective, and performance objective are all interchangeable. This terminology will change depending on the location. That’s really the only reason that the terms are so interchangeable. If you’re in behavior therapy, the first one would...Read More

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The genetic sex of the fetus is determined by the father’s sperms. This determination is based on the X and Y chromosomes that the men’s sperms carry. For instance, an X chromosome from the man’s sperms combines with the X chromosome from the mother to produce a baby girl...Read More

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When Charles let the little girl say a bad word and then the teacher washed the girl mouth

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Consequence. the probability that an action will reoccur or not is basically the consequence of that action.

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We describe someone by the habits and behaviors they possess. These habits and behaviors tell more about a person’s character, identity, or abilities. These two are essential in the attribute of a person because it says more on the type of person he is, whether he’s of a good...Read More

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