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The Stratum Disjunction, Corneum, Lucidium, Granulosum, Spinosom & Germinativum... All SIX layers of the Epidermis.

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Herpes simplex

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To sterilise metal tools

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There isn't much difference between crabs and lice, as crabs are a type of lice. Crabs are also known as pubic lice. Crabs are parasites, which are small and attach to the hair and skin of a person's genitals. MIllions of people each year are infected with these tiny insects.

They are...

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Something that occurs during or after a treatment

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Most of the fastest remedies being talked about online are natural home remedies. There are products out there that claim they’ll remove the circles fast once you start using them, but you have to continue using them to keep them away after that. An all-natural home remedy, on the other...

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According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “change is the only constant in life.” This is true, because what was considered as beautiful today may not be considered as such in the years to come. The standards of beauty greatly changed over the years and we can cut these changes...

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This is a little tricky, and can require specialized materials, so be prepared to invest a little more money if you want to go long term and continue making your own soaps. For beginners, it is recommended you start by melting down pre-made bars of unscented soap. These are usually made...

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Stretch marks happen to many people during their childhood or pregnancy. Stretch marks can occur when your body is growing too fast for your skin and it causes scar-like marks on the area where the skin has been stretched beyond capacity. In order to treat these dark marks, you can often use...

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