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Basic HTML Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are typically two tags in an element in html. These are “<” and “>”. They define what you are doing. For example, “

” defines that you’re having a new paragraph start after that. Html language is a simple kind of language, and is used mainly to write websites and text blocks on the web. It can be written in many places, from word processors offline to the page itself.

It’s usually the code that people don’t see when they go to your site. Back to the tags. These elements allow you to start using different fonts and getting technologically involved with your site. If you want to have headers, “

” will give you the first heading. Changing the number changes how many headings you have, since it designates which heading.

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The same items need to be saved in one folder otherwise, there might be some confusion that will take place in the long run. When this is not done properly, it can be enough to ruin the whole website. If it would be done correctly, then the whole website can be saved. Based on these two options, which one would you like?

Of course, you want the website to work properly which means that A is the right answer to this question. A ruined website will be closed by people within 10 seconds. Worse, they will tell all the people that they know about it so your website will have a less than likely chance to be visited again.

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HTML stands for hyper text markup laugage this si the laugauage used to code websites

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H1 tag is best for larger heading.

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Why is C the answer? I cannot figure out the rationale. Please help me.

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A website usually has a source folder where all the data is saved. An administrator should save the content of the website in a special folder so that the website has all the content in the same place. Moreover, it makes it easier to access the content as well. The saved content goes to one source folder which enables the website to use it and modify the content as it pleases.

Moreover, the online content gets sourced to same folder on the administrator’s computer securing access to many files. All of this helps to secure access to the different content and make sure that there is no security breach.

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