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Ball Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A winter formal happens to be dance for high school, which is sponsored by the school in collaboration with the student’s body executives or representatives. It is usually held between the homecoming and the prom dance. This dance is held every season, and it is meant majorly for the juniors or freshers but a fresher can choose to invite a senior along to the dance. This formal dance is considered to be a mature and serious dance occasion where people come in groups and as couples.

The winter ball looks similar to the winter formal but with little differences. A winter ball can be organized in order to raise some funds for a particular advocacy. One other thing that makes this dance different from the winter formal is that ballroom dancing can also be implemented into the event. The winter ball dance is usually organized for adults to highlight or honor a particular cause or organization.

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The ball is known to be an object that is normally used for games. There are some balls that are used for basketball games and other types of sports. To bawl is a verb. This means to cry but in a more obvious manner. There are a lot of kids who consider bawling when they do not do well or if their parents became mad at them because of something that they have done.

Yet, it is still completely normal for adults to bawl their eyes out after a bad day or after experiencing something bad. These two words may sound similar but it is evident that they have different meanings that people should be familiar with.

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didn't know that! That's cool my guess was the rubber XD!!!

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