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The correct answer would be “babies in all species learn depth perception through experience”. If the correct answer were that “human and animal babies hesitate and show fear at the edge of the cliff”, the two month old babies would also be exhibiting fear.

However, the question clearly says that the two month old babies have no fear at the edge of the “cliff”. It’s only when the six month old babies are put on the edge of the “cliff” that there is some fear. Since the “cliff” edge is simply covered in glass, and is actually safe, it makes sense that if the baby can’t sense depth, the picture would look as though it’s all level. Therefore, babies learn their depth perception through experience.

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Fourteen days maaybe? Two weeks? Says i have two have at least twen words so there

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Babies teeth at such a young age. However, you will definitely know when babies start teething because they cry a lot. They will cry for no reason. These usually means that they are teething. Children can begin teething at any age. Some children are born with teeth, but this is not typical. The average age of children to start teething is about 6 months old.

However, some babies may teeth before that age and some may teeth after that age. After a few years old, a child will have all of their baby teeth. When children begin to get their teeth, they may feel sick. They run a fever and have a headache. This is normal because of the process.

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You do want to check there glucos level. You do not want the rds to go into cold stress due to the hypoxia and decreased glucose level.

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