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AutoCAD Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Used in engineering design and machining, a chamfer is a sloped edge, and a fillet is a rounded corner.The fillet and chamfer are transformation tools you'll find when using CAD. You need them to close gaps. The fillet tool has two end points tangent to an objects such as lines, rectangles, polygons, polylines, circular arcs etc. The tool places a fillet between adjacent sides of the object, including holes in polyines.

The fillet cannot work on objects that cannot be split or trimmed. A polyline rectangle that has a gap at one corner can't be closed with a chamfer or a fillet of zero length/radius. Your solution may be to break the polyline into lines and arcs.

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D. if there are all object they can joint, they can not only if there is a polyline and a line.

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In drawing on the computer or 2D drawings in order to make 3D models, isometric drawing is needed. There are many commands that must be done in order to complete the representation of the drawing being created on the computer. One of these commands is called the isoplane command. This command includes the ortho directions, snap orientation, grid orientation and style, polar tracking angles and orientation of isometric circles.

There may be times when the isoplane needs to be switched in order to have another function to occur. In order to do this, press the F5 button to switch the isoplanes. Specifically, the F5 button will change the direction of the plane. On some computers, the user may need to press control and E.

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You CAN create numbered and bulleted lists in MText

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The correct answer to this question is D, AutoCad Classic. AutoCad is a software application, focused on commercial computer-aided design, which is what CAD stands for, and drafting. AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk, which is a software coporation. In December of 1982, it was released as a desktop application.

Now it is a mobile and web app, which it has been since 2010. AutoCAD is avalaible in many languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. This software is popular and used in many fields including engineering, architecture, designing, and graphic design. Other features of AutoCAD is that it is compatible with other software and supports many customization and automations.

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Copy command also creates Multiples copies of an object - False. The copy command allows you to create multiple copies. Multiple copies are not created automatically.

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AutoCAD is a software program for designing. The CAD stands for computer-aided design. It was first created in the early 1980s. The features on the AutoCAD include having the compatibility with other software programs. These would include LandXML and Bentley MX GENIO Extension.

It is available in a variety of languages. These languages include English, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian, to name a few. There are extensions too. There are certain occupations that use AutoCAD because their job has a form of designing to it. These include architecture.

There is also another version for students. There are certain settings that are defaulted for AutoCAD. These include the 2D Drafting and annotation, 3D Modeling and AutoCAD Classic. Designing has never been easier with AutoCAD.

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The correct answer to this question is C.

In AutoCad, you can cycle through other local snap points by pressing the TAB key on the keyboard. Each time the TAB key is pressed, the next snap point is highlighted along with the object or objects to which it belongs. The terms Snap and Osnap are sometimes confused with one another. Snap is an incriment tool that allows you to move your work in specific increments. The increments can be chaged at any time. Osnap, which stands for object snap, snaps to a specific part of an object.

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Tracking use all polar points

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The answer id wrong, the correct answer is CTRL+Backspace.

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