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Atomic Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Nuclear weapons are dangerous weapons, created to release energy from a nuclear reaction. These reactions can be generally categorized to fission reactions and fusion reactions. In nuclear, either fission reactions or mergers of fission and fusion reactions are utilized. In a fission reaction, a sizeable unstable nucleus is divided into smaller stable nuclei, and in the process, energy is released. Atomic bombs deliver energy through nuclear fission reactions.

The energy source for this is a significant, unstable radioactive element such as uranium and plutonium. Because the uranium nucleus is unbalanced, it breaks down into smaller atoms pitch neutrons and energy constantly, to become stable. Atomic bombs discharge less energy than hydrogen bombs. Nuclear bombs may depend upon nuclear fission or nuclear fusion.

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Option C - Neutron
Neutron is a subatomic particle that does not have an electric charge.
Proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electric charge.
Electron is a subatomic particle with a negative electric charge.

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I highly believe that it is fission. the reason why is because as it explains in the question the two atoms splits apart. in two's to be specific.

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Well, it depends on what vaporization means to you. There are two answers to that. One is boiling away the water in your body leaving bones and the other is completely breaking every compound in your body.

The first one happens at 212 F and requires a lot of heat(around 136 million Joules). An atomic blast is hotter than 212 F. It’s like a lot hotter. Add around 90 million F.

Now, it is said that the amount of heat energy required to vaporize a human is around 3 GJ. That’s 3 with 9 zeros. The average human is 154 lbs(70kg). Using the heat transfer formula, we get:

(Temperature req)= (heat energy)/(mass of human body)(specific heat of human body(3500 J/kg.C)) - (temperature of human body).

T= 3000000000/703500 - 37

T= 12245 C( approx.)

Temperature required = 22073 F

Therefore, chances are you are going to be completely vaporized in an atomic blast if you’re at ground zero.Well, the good thing is you won’t need a funeral.

P.S.: We are not taking distance as a factor in this question. If you are away from ground zero, distance begins to matter. The temperature required to vaporize you increases with distance.

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