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There is the same number of electrons as protons in an atom. Inside the atom, electrons are arranged around the nucleus. The nucleus is surrounded by electron levels or shells. This is where the electrons ‘live’. Each electron shell can hold a certain amount of energy. This amount...Read More

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You may not be aware of what NAD and FAD are. There are both known to be electron carriers, and they are expected to do many different roles. FAD stands for Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide whole NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD is known to be found in almost all living be...Read More

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A nonmetal atom or element does not have much or any metal in it. These types of elements have certain characteristics about them compared to the metals that are on the periodic chart. Nonmetals can be vaporized in simple ways and they can conduct heat. On the periodic table, there are 17...Read More

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Each element has an electron configuration that corresponds to its proton number. These electrons are responsible for the reactivity of the element. Strontium is an alkali metal and alkali metal and is one of the most reactive elements on earth. It has a normal configuration with two valence...Read More

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They are in nucleus together you have given wrong question is that clear

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Democritus was a philosopher from Ancient Greece. He lived prior to Socrates. He lived some time around 460 BC and 370 BC. Besides philosophy, Democritus also learned about science. He stated that everything in the world is made of atoms. Atoms always move about according to Democritus. He did...Read More

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