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Astronomy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
2. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune
3. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
4. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

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The main difference between asteroids and comets to each other are the components that make up these two heavenly bodies. Comets are normally made of dust, ice, and other rocky materials. Asteroids, on the other hand, are made out of metal and rocks. It seems that asteroids and comets have been around in the solar system for millions of years. They may be available even before the first signs of life became evident here on earth.

Asteroids and comets also come in various sizes. Comets are a lot of bigger than the big asteroids probably because of their components. The debris that comes from comets especially as they pass through different spaces will form meteors.

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Many people are probably not aware of the names of stars unless they actually study the stars or they are a scientist. Sirius is probably the brightest star in the night sky. Another bright star is called the Canopus, but it is only the second brightest compared to the Sirius.

This star was discovered long ago because there are records of it in early times. Many explorers used the Sirius star in order to navigate and find their way to their destination. There are blue-shifted spectral lines on the star.

These lines tell you that this star has a radial velocity that is toward us. Radial velocity refers to the location of the object in reference to the person or item.

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The answer to this is letter B. The planets are known to revolve around the sun. The sun is actually a start that helps provide the heat needed by earth so that it will not freeze over. Earth is the planet where we live but there are other planets that are available. Mercury is known to be the planet that is closest to the sun but the second planet Venus is the hottest because of its atmosphere.

The Earth is the third planet followed by Mars which is said to have had an atmosphere similar to what we had before although it is different now. After Mars, the following planets follow Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Most of the planets come with moons but the earth only has one moon. There are still other things that are part of our current solar system.

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There are two times during the year when an eclipse happens. The season for when the eclipse takes places lasts a little over thirty days. The reason an eclipse takes places has to do with the Earth, moon and sun. An eclipse takes place when the Earth, moon and sun are located in a specific location in relation to each other.

Specifically, an eclipse season of over month takes place when the nodes of the moon’s orbit are nearly aligned with the sun. The solar eclipse has to do with the Earth and the sun. The lunar eclipse has to do with the Earth and the moon. In 2002, the lunar eclipse took place on May 26th and the solar eclipse took place on June 10th.

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All the structures mentioned above are theorized to have been used in astronomical observations.

The Stonehenge has been said to have been built by a lost civilization and was either a burial ground or an observatory as suggested by the circular stone embankment surrounding the structure.

The Sun Dagger or Fajada Butte is a more debated structure as it does not match with the building patterns of the Chaco people. Those who theorize its astronomical use say that it predicts solstices and equinoxes.

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is peculiar as its historical knowledge is literally zero. The only reason it fits the common thread is that it looks like a sundial and hence might be a clock.

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Astronomy is a branch of science that focuses on space and things in space. These things include stars, moons, planets, galaxies, and comets, to name a few. Many scientists who are interested in space will major in astronomy or take a few classes in astronomy. Different types of astronomy can be studied, and these include radio astronomy, infrared astronomy, optical astronomy, ultraviolet astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, and x-ray astronomy.

Astronomy is a big field, and there are several subfields in it. Some of these are astrobiology, solar astronomy, and astrophysics. Astrology is not a study, but it is using space to determine things that are going to happen in the future. They make predictions about what is going to happen based on what they see in space.

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The Sun and all the objects that orbit it

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It will form carbon dioxide

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