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Astrology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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I think its called UY Scuti. It was discovered in like late 1800's maybe. Its size was confirmed in 2012. It is said to be like 1700 times bigger than the sun

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There are four major palm lines and each represents something. The lines on you dominant hand and your passive hand mean different things from one another as well. The passive hand idnicates inherited traits while the dominant hand indicates traits that are changed by life events.

The four major lines include the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. There are other lines as well that are not considered major lines these include the health line, the fame line, the marriage line, money lines, and travel lines. Each line tells you something about someone's life past, present, or future.

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It is not sure that, every time a astrologer's prediction is true or right. But sometimes prediction may be true.

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