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Arithmetic Questions and Answers (Q&A)



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The arithmetic mean formula is also sometimes just called the mean. One can arrive at the solution to this formula by adding together all the number in a set and dividing them by the number of items in the set. Essentially one can also look at the mean of a set of numbers as the average of that set of numbers.

The mean serves to show what the median number is for all the numbers that will be listed in a set. This is one of the simpler mathematical operations that one can perform. An example of arithmetic mean in action would be 1+2+3=6/3=2. The arithmetic mean of the number set including 1,2, and 3 is 2.

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Answer must be 60

First term is 12, Last term is 248

248 = 12 + (n-1)4

236 = (n-1)4

59 = n-1

n = 60

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A= 121

d= -4

let the first negative term be an,

s0 an<0





so by hit and trial method,

let n=30,so 125-4n

=125-120=5,which is not less than0

again let n=31

so 125-4n=125-124=1 which is not less than 0

now,let n=32 so 125-4n=125-128= -3 hence the first negetive term is -3

now an= -3

a+(n-1)d= -3

121+(n-1)(-4)= -3

-4(n-1)= -3-121




hence,answer is 33

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time= distance divide by speed

time=60 divide by 7

time=8whole4out of seven

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How did you come up with 3 can you describe the formula

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I would like to see the explicit formula written for this question

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  • An=A1 + (n-1)d.

A4= A1 + (4-1)d

93= A1 + (3) -7

93= A1 - 21

93 + 21=A1

114 = A1

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