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Area Questions and Answers (Q&A)

L. Thornton, Student
Answered: Mar 07, 2019
To calculate circumference you can use either of the formula
C = πd or
C =2πr
C = circumference
d = distance
r = radius
π = 3.14...Read More

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J.Barbara, Student
Answered: Mar 07, 2018
To find the area that Pam’s mom is going to put the icing on, we have to compute for the area of one cookie and then multiply the answer by 20 because she has to put the icing on all 20...Read More

1 Answer

Shayne, Student
Answered: Nov 13, 2019
The answer is 18 square inches because half of 36 is 18 and the formula is Base times width times height divided by 2.So,36 divided by 2 is 18...Read More

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John Adney, Student
Answered: May 10, 2017
How is it this I don't get it

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