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I believe it'a A. Validation Rule.

This simple validation rule would solve this:

Text(StageName) = 'Closed Won' && ISBLANK(Amount)

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B. Approval Process with Apex Trigger.

Both Processes and Approval Processes have no actions to delete any record. Since this request is to submit for approval and delete the record after approval, this requires some custom apex to delete the record. Hence, the Approval Process is fired upon deletion and will set a certain flag on the record. The trigger will act upon that flag update and will delete the record

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The correct answer to this question is C, 88 degrees. The lines between 80 degrees and 90 degrees are in increments of two. The first line represents 82 degrees, the second 84 degrees, the third 86 degrees, and the fourth is 88 degrees, which is the answer. The degrees in this question appear on a thermometer, which is a device that measures temperature.

Greek philosophers are credited to adopting the principle of a thermometer. The modern thermometer appeared in the 17th and 18th century. They have various usages including on roadways, nuclear power devices, air conditions, water heaters, fish tanks, and freezers.

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The answer to this is letter D. You simply need to check all of the given details that are mentioned above plus the rules that you have to follow in order to come up with the right answer. It can sometimes be hard to determine the differences between integrals. A definite integral usually has upper and lower limits.

The indefinite integral is known to be more general. You need to know the differences between the different integrals so that you can correctly choose the formulas that will help you solve the equations that will be given to you.

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The correct answer to this question is both A and D. Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is cloud based. There are applications for sales, service, and marketing. CRM platforms are used to obtain a better relationship with customers because they get a better understanding of what their customers need and how to solve their problems by managing their customers' information and interactions.

The sales reps would need to create predefined values for most of the fields, or they can create an object-specific action on account. In doing this, the sales reps will capture custom feedback record details related to each account and will accomplish this with minimal clicks on the Salesforce1 mobile app.

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The correct answer is option D Cross-object formula field is the feature to be used by the system administrator to capture the account credit status on opportunities. A Cross-object formula is a formula that captures related objects and references.

It merges fields on those objects. A cross-object method can reference merge fields from a master object if an object is on the retail side of a master-detail relationship. It also works with lookup relationships. A cross-object formula is available anywhere methods are used except when creating default values. A cross-object method can be used to reference fields from objects that are up to 10 relationships away.

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The Schema Builder can be used to show the objects that are selected on the page which means that A is one of the correct answers. The other answer is C. This will also have the ability to view the page layout in a completely different window.

The schema builder is often used in order to figure out the different relationships of the items that are available with each other. It can also show the relationship only of the items that have been selected.

This is easy to use because of its drag and drop interface. Just drag some of the items with relationships that you want to check and that will prompt you to do what you are supposed to do.

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The answer to this is A. Users with the “Manage Public Reports” permission can organize reports by creating custom report folders and sending invitations to users to access them. This can be very helpful for people who would like to file reports and their reports will be checked out by people who are given permission to view the report. C is also correct.

Users with the “Manage Public Reports” and “Create and Customize Reports” permissions can create custom reports that all users can view. This can be helpful to users who are going through the same situation. They would like to know what the solution is at the soonest possible time.

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The correct answer is option D The appropriate field type needed to flag leads with one or more business areas. Is picklist (multiple – select. Picklist (multiple – select) allows users to select multiple values from a defined list. Multi-select picklist fields can only be used in certain functions.

Picklist allows a user to select one value from a defined list. The Text area allows a user to enter up to 225 characters on separate lines. Radio buttons only allow a user to select a single option from multiple options available. Therefore, all other options listed above are incorrect.

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