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APA Style Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A. Need to reference

This is a data driven statement that could be wrong. The data of 48% and uninsured children should be verified by a reliable research paper with a reliable author. Also this could be an older research number, so it might be important if the statistic has recently changed.

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B. Internet Explorer has a 96% browser market share as of June 2000.

The percentage market share should be verified by a source that is credible. Since it is not common knowledge, there should be a credible reference to verify credibility.

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A. Need to reference.

I think it needs a reference since it is stating facts about 10 points which might not be accurate. I think it would be good to know who made this statement to verify that they are credible.

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B. Indent and use a block format without any quotation marks.

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D. All of the above.

Proper attribution to all sources and quoting correctly gives information on who gets the credit.

Paraphrasing requires your own words since it is not quoting.

Proofreading keeps you from making mistakes and not citing correctly.

These steps will prevent plagiarism.

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The answer is D. When citing a direct quotation from a source, it is very important to include the author(s) name(s), the year of publication, and the page number. Depending on which format you are supposed to use, this order might be different slightly but all citation notations use all three of these details.

Citing the author is important because the whole reason for making a citation is to give credit to the person who originally wrote or found the information. The year of publication and page number is important to document where the information came from. You will also need to cite the title of the source and provide other details.

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D. A & B.

The authors names and the year of the publication whe paraphrasing or summarizing.

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B. No need to reference

This has been a common fact that has been taught since childhood and is regarded as factual information.

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B.Introduce the quotation, format it correctly, use quotation marks, and cite correctly. Thoughtfully integrate the quotation into your writing.

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A.This is an appropriate paraphrasebecause the whole statement was rewritten completely while still giving credit to the source of the information

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