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AP Psychology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Watson, the popular colleague of Sherlock Holmes had numerous theories. Many of them were grounded by valid reasoning. For him, Introspection was unscientific. Introspection means knowing your own self. This means that behaviorists like skinner reject it and would not consider it as something you can observe.

Similarly, john Watson also considered it to be an impossibility. There is a limit to which you can observe your own mental and emotional processes. Some might even consider it unhealthy. Knowing your own self was unscientific s you cannot truly know yourself. You can only know degrees of yourself and still be surprised by the daily ventures of your thoughts and emotions.

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Paradoxical sleep is a very deep sleep, sometimes referred to as REM sleep, where dreaming and rapid eye movement occurs. All your muscles are relaxed except for the muscles in and around the eyes and the diaphragm.

There is intense brain activity during this stage of sleep, and it usually comes on towards morning, presents itself several times, and is the shortest portion of the sleep cycle. REM is a crucial stage of the sleep cycle, and if you do not enter this stage, you may feel sleep deprived. Without this deep sleep, the person is unaware of how long they have slept or that they have slept at all and they are aware of there surroundings while they are sleeping.

This is known as stage 1 sleep and wakefulness. Sometimes, your physician may suggest melatonin or prescribe a sleep aid to counteract this insomnia and allow you to go to deep sleep.

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This principle is the field of human genetics. It was Mendel whose meticulous process of research using pea plants applied mathematical models to biological inheritance. Although some of Mendel's findings with pea plants can't be applied to humans, much can, and today's geneticists still use Mendel's three principles to explain genetic inheritance.

The dominant gene is more likely to be passed down, the recessive gene may skip a generation and the individual with this gene may be a carrier, his or her own children not displaying the phenotype, but passing the gene to the next generation. It is more in the work of Richard Dawkin (the Selfish Gene) that suggests only genes ultimately useful to the human race are retained. Generally it is accepted that we are continually evolving and that our environment can also cause ultimate change.

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ADHD can be lessened by the use of Medication. In general, medications are considered as the top treatment method for ADHD. They are however, effective for only 80% children that have the disorder. Many parents however choose to not to use medications for their children, because they are worried of the side effects that which their child might have to face.

Hence they try to go through every other possibility of treatment before putting their child on medication. There are a couple of different treatment therapies for children with ADHD that can allow them to live a calm and a success life.

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I don't understand. Shouldn't the split brain patient only be able to communicateverbally with the left hemisphere? Help!My midterm is tomorrow

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When we’re talking about Freud, if the answer has the word “unconscious” in it, it’s most likely correct. In this case, the answer we want is answer B, “forces in the personality that are often unconscious.” Freud believed that we had two different parts to our psyche: the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind made up something like 10 or 15 percent of our personality, which is what was shown.

The rest of it was the unconscious. It was something that was too horrible to be shown in reality so it was masked and hidden away, even though every now and then, slips of consciousness would allow it to surface. These made nightmares, sexual drives, everything a little easier to understand. It all came back to sex, but Freud was the first person to make it all make sense.

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The correct answer to this question is B, A hypothesis. This guest can be tested, and it is used to predict a study's outcome. An explanation includes two variables, including an independent, which is what the researcher changes, and a dependent, which is what the researcher measures. There are many types of hypotheses in psychology.

Alternative explanations predict there is a relationship between the two variables that are being studied. This hypothesis predicts the link is not due to chance and that the variables are significant. Other types include nondirectional, directional, and null. Suggestions can be supported or rejected, but they can never be proven correct.

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Dreams are visual images that our subconscious plays in our mind as we sleep. It usually happens during REM sleep. Sleep has different parts. The early part is the NREM sleep or the non-rapid eye movement sleep. During this art, the mind usually sinks into a stupor as the subconscious slowly comes into play.

It is the REM, or the rapid eye movement part of the sleep that induces the dreaming process. These are different experiences for individual people. However, some people are even able to test their state of consciousness while dreaming. This describes their control over their mind and their will power.

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Everyone knows that sleep is essential. If you did not sleep or get enough sleep, then you will feel tired the next morning and throughout the day. You will also have trouble focusing and getting things accomplished. If you do not get enough sleep over some time, then you will get sick. Your body requires this rest to function every day. However, it is also essential to get deep sleep.

This affects your physical growth. If you don’t get the deep sleep when you are a child, you may not grow like you should be growing. Therefore, whenever your parents tell you to drink your milk because it helps you improve, then they should also be telling you to get plenty of sleep for the same reason.

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The psychological theory that shows free will is humanistic psychology. This is a type of study which ensures that the whole being of the person will be discussed. The belief of this theory is that all human beings are different.

It should not be expected that people will act in a certain way because this is the norm. It emphasizes that each human being is unique and the actions that people will do will be based on their beliefs, their experiences, and their values.

Basically, people will do what they think is right. This theory shows that the previous theories that were done seem sort of limited. Probably one reason why some people consider this their favorite theory is because of the belief that all human beings are innately good.

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