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American Revolution Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The Stamp Act of 1765 was one of the major reasons for the American Revolution. The major reason for its controversy was the difference between the mentalities of people living in America and the people living in Britain.

America was colonized by the British by the late 1600s. Naturally, the people who settled in the colonies wanted to be treated as normal British citizens. By the 1750s the American colonists’ attitudes had changed. They believed they deserved autonomy in their matters and would be okay with a little regulatory oversight from Britain. There was also a constant disapproval of British policies and there was a common anger among everyone that no American colonist was in the British parliament to voice their issues. Most of all, they wanted the same treatment as British citizens since they actually were British citizens.

The British attitude, on the other hand, was of a conservative nature. They believed that a colony was supposed to be below the empire and its only purpose was to reap profits for the empire. They were, in fact, planning to stricten the regulations of trade and increase profits. The politicians of the time demanded the same.

This is where the Stamp Act comes in. The British were looking for a way to maximize their profits and introduced a law through which any piece of paper(newspaper, magazine, cigarette wrapping, legal documents, playing cards etc) used in the colonies would be exclusively manufactured in Britain bearing a stamp of the government and this paper would be taxed in all American states.

They made this tax look like funds for the British troops stationed in American colonies. This created a massive uproar and the colonists believed that they were not being treated as British citizens. There were protests everywhere, stamp duty officials were harassed and merchants declared an embargo on British goods. This act was repealed in 1766 though the damage had already been done.

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I believe it is to people had the right to petition the government.

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The main purpose of declaration of Independence was to make it known to the British colonialists then, that the American people were ready to be self determined and govern themselves. This was contained in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson at a time of war when most American colonies had already established their own currency, army, post office, and administrative offices. Jefferson was appointed alongside other members that included Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. In the declaration, Jefferson maintained that a group of people, have a right to to seek to have their own government if that government is seen as no longer accepted by the people due to their oppressive nature and illegitimacy The declaration which had John Hancock, of Massachusetts as the first signatory among the 56 signers was presented to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1776.

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The Stamp Act raised the price of paper goods sold in the colonies.

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This was a proclamation that was created in order to prevent people from crossing over to places wherein they have no right to be. The French and the Indians were still going through the war at that time. When this was released, it caused colonists to fear the continual British restrictions to their own rights.

This actually has a lot of effect on the Americans as Britain was able to get a large percentage of the North American land. While this was supposed to lessen the conflict between people, it is safe to say that not everyone was happy with this proclamation but at that time, they had nothing else to do but to honor it.

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Prior to the American Revolutionary War, Great Britain was ruling and fighting many other countries. They were the powerhouse and it was difficult for other countries to win conflicts with them. In a sense, the countries as a whole waited during the war to see what would happen.

They let the colonists start the war before they would intervene. The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the war because it showed that the colonists could win the war and it allowed other countries to help the colonists against Great Britain.

France became an ally with America even though they fought in the past because they wanted the colonists to win against Great Britain. They did this because they didn’t want Great Britain to become stronger and acquire more land.

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To be given the job of commander in chief of the Continental Army was a compliment to say the least. George Washington was pretty well-known by the Congress men prior to the declaration of independence by the colonists.

George Washington had been a contributor to the militia prior to the war. He was a land surveyor which allowed him to learn about the land. This would later help him with fighting battles. He then led the Virginia militia during the French and Indian War.

This experience allowed him to be knowledgeable about fighting and leading an army. Therefore, Congress knew this about George and felt that he would be able to lead the army with his skills, charisma and personality.

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For the most part, the Sons of Liberty conducted their events against the British prior to the start of the war. During the revolutionary war, the Sons of Liberty did not play a part except for those who individually within the organization fought for the Continental Army.

As a whole, the Sons of Liberty did a few things including helping to communicate what the British was doing as well as staging protests. Prior to the war, they conducted and protested the taxing by the British which eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.

They were directly involved with the Boston Tea Party where the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves and walked onto the British ship to dump large amounts of tea into the harbor.

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Throughout the Revolutionary War, Britain always thought without a doubt that they would win the war. They were fighting against a small militia that were inexperienced. Therefore, their minds never thought that they would get trapped.

Instead, at the last battle, the Americans were able to surround the British at Yorktown which is on the coast. Cornwallis was in charge of the British army and he was pushed to the coast. The American navy and the French navy kept the British from leaving by sea.

The Continental Army fought it from the land. Therefore, the siege finally ended the war. Cornwallis had to surrender because no one could break through the Continental Army and the navies that were in the water.

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The Penobscot Expedition was a flotilla of ships from the American Navy fighting against the British during the American Revolutionary War. There were 700 regular military troops and ten warships for the British side and several thousand militia, nineteen warships and 25 other ships on the patriots’ side.

As a result, the patriots lost all of their ships and several hundred were killed or missing. The British on the other hand had only less than one hundred killed, wounded or captured. The main reason for the colonists’ reason for the big catastrophe was due to their navy’s inefficiency.

The colonists thought of this idea to gather a big group of ships and attack the British by pushing them out. However, their lack of strategy and execution caused them to lose.

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