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American History Questions and Answers (Q&A)

W. Pratt, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Apr 10, 2019
The correct answer to this question is D, The American Civil War. It was a war between the North and the South in the United States. The American Civil War is the most studied and written about...Read More

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Bobo, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Sep 24, 2017

Excuse me sir.this is inncorrect. i am a history pofessor and i know that this is wrong

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B.Lisa, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Feb 26, 2018
America had been dealing with the Great Depression and World War II increased the economy due to the goods that needed to be produced. Factories increased production of some items and created...Read More

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John Adney, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Aug 31, 2017

John Hanson is the first black president

i really thought it was "Barack Obama" sarcasm

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H. Jones, Web Content Writer
Answered: Feb 11, 2019
Populism was a time in American history that contained political issues and they were preferred by the regular citizens and the richest people. It was also known as the ideational approach. Prior...Read More

1 Answer

John Adney, Web Content Writer
Answered: Oct 13, 2017

Barrick Obama was the first black American President of the United Sta


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A.Nancy, Web Content Writer
Answered: Mar 07, 2018
Some leaders happen to oppose the Bank of the United States primarily because the constitution did not give the federal government the power to create a bank. This includes Thomas Jefferson, who...Read More

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A.Nancy, Web Content Writer
Answered: Mar 07, 2018
Many immigrants moved from Europe to the United States in between the year 1880 and 1920, because they wanted to take advantage of the economic opportunities that were present in the United...Read More

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