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American Culture Questions and Answers (Q&A)

One reason I believe American culture has become so vulgar is that people have realized that there are a few things that appeal to everyone: sex, violence, and intrigue. Some of the most popular video games, for example, have all three elements, though most will downplay the sex since most violent games are for teen boys.

The most popular movies of the year often have a rating of “restricted”, or R, due to violence, language, or sex. One of the most popular book series in the last 10 years was Fifty Shades of Grey. Movies were made, and they were also popular.

American culture is vulgar only in that there is no shame in anything anymore. In some ways, this is a good thing. In many others, it is not.

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America is considered a melting pot of cultures, where many different cultures can come and be one. It makes sense that as others immigrated to America, so did their holidays. Halloween is traditionally thought to be derived from an old Celtic celebration called Samhain, or Summer’s End. However, since the Puritans settled the first permanent American colonies, Halloween has a more decidedly Christian touch in America.

In the early days of America, most Halloween celebrations were a feast before All Hallows’ Day, a holy day in most mainstream Christian religions that takes place on November 1st. In the 1900s, the focus shifted from religious reasons to a more community-focused celebration.Trick or treating became popular in the 1930s, and the traditions have slowly evolved into what is known as Halloween in America today.

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Racism is not as commonly seen in America as it once was, but it is still common under the surface. One of the many reasons for this is because racism is something that is hard to completely snuff out when it was a big part of the history. In America, it was illegal for anyone who wasn’t white to do a lot of things until the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s made it possible for others to join in on the privileges that full citizenship had to offer.

Racism has a history in America since there was a huge slave trade back when the USA started. It was actually written into the constitutional amendments that an African American was worth ⅗ of a person. That’s not good.
America is attempting to cope, but it has not gone as smoothly as some would hope.

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The United States is sometimes referred to as a “melting pot” because of the way people have immigrated to America. For the longest time, everyone saw the USA as a place where they could have a fresh start and make their situation better. For the longest time, this was true.

In coming here, people would bring their cultures and languages. Instead of insisting everyone adapt to a new culture, the USA decided that they would allow the new cultures to exist within the country and add to their existing American culture.

The idea was that America was somewhere where people of all backgrounds could live together and share their cultures. It didn’t work out quite like that, but that was the philosophy behind the melting pot mentality.

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There is a new trend in American parenting where the parents attempt to be their child’s friend instead of their parents for the first 18 years of their life. However, this is when children need parents, not friends, from their parents. Once the child hits their teen years, this is more acceptable as a friend could be someone to tell secrets and problems too, but they still need parents.

Due to this wish to spoil their kids and stay friends with them, most parents don’t attempt to discipline their kids or follow through with consequences. However, this is a minority of the parents. Most parents are too afraid to let their kids out of their sight and act more like the overbearing babysitter than the parent according to studies.

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America does not have an arranged marriage culture. It’s never been incredibly popular here. However, the closest thing in American history is the mail order bride culture of the late 1800s. When everyone was going west, men more often went than women. With a shortage of women in the west and a shortage of men in the east, catalogs started with the sole purpose of getting women out to the west by helping them arrange marriages.

Unlike Indian arranged marriages, the parents would not be present to help them set this up. It was all up to the bride and groom. An arranged marriage like what is often seen in India is rare, if done at all, in America. The closest thing one gets is a parent pressuring their son or daughter to date someone they like.

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I both dislike and appreciate American culture at the same time. I appreciate that over time, American culture has taken a little bit from all the other cultures that have mixed into the country. There’s no official language. There’s plenty of different cuisine to choose from in large cities. In any city, there’s usually a good chance you’re working with a variety of ethnicities.

However, I most dislike the political culture. It has become more toxic over the years, and is now comparable to two five year olds yelling at each other on the playground. There are some great things that could be done, but everyone is too concerned about coming out on top to work together when it needs to be done the most.

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Americans are incredibly patriotic. One of the most popular holidays in the USA is the Fourth of July, also known as our independence day. There is a lot of hullabaloo on the Fourth of July. Fireworks, burgers, hot dogs, grills. It is the quintessential American holiday, and a lot of people show their patriotism on this day.

However, there are plenty of ways that Americans show how patriotic they are on a daily basis. In some schools, the pledge of allegiance is said at the start of the school day. In other areas, patriotism comes out as a love of football - not soccer. Most people will proudly proclaim that they are from the United States of America when they are asked where they live, and this is the biggest daily show of patriotism from Americans.

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Individually, it depends. However, as a country, the United States of America drinks an average of 2.94 gallons of wine per person, 28 gallons per capita of beer, and an average of 13.3 liters per alcoholic consumer each year. Alcoholic consumption is actually rising in the United States, as there are plenty of ways to get beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks.These numbers do not often include underage drinkers.

These people tend to be teens who get into their parents’ alcoholic drinks by accident, on purpose, or have a legal aged friend buy for them.

This said, there are plenty of people in the United States who do not drink at all. Since it makes sense to distribute averages to everyone and then do it by group, there are numbers that account all people as alcohol drinkers to get an idea of how much is being sold.

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This is an interesting question to answer. There are many differences between the genders, and many are seen in America. However, the reasons these differences exist have split people pretty evenly on every issue. The PEW Research Center did a study in 2017 to see whether people thought certain aspects of biology or social expectations contributed to how people perceived gender differences.

They found an almost fifty fifty split on every issue when gender of the responder was ignored. When specifically asking men and women, there was a bigger difference between the answers, and some were complete opposites. For example, more women believe that how people express their feelings are influenced by societal aspects while more men believe that this same thing is more influenced by biology.

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