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American Questions and Answers (Q&A)

M. Wright
Answered: May 23, 2018
Many people in the United States do believe African Americans are treated unfairly by the police. In fact, there is a name for this treatment and it is called racial profiling. The American Civil...Read More

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H. Reyes, Science Teacher
Answered: Aug 06, 2019
Pitbulls are dogs that have a distinct look. They also are known for being very aggressive. Many places will not allow pitbulls. This may be in apartments that have pet restrictions. Pitbulls are...Read More

1 Answer

Russian and American women are different in some ways. Since the question is majorly about women, the first factor to be considered in differentiating them is how reliable they are when it comes...Read More

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H. Martin, Content Writer
Answered: Aug 13, 2019
Akita inu and American Akita are two different dogs that people think are the same because of the similarity in their names. But these dogs are different in several ways such as their character,...Read More

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H. Barnes, Unemployed
Answered: Aug 22, 2019
The southern and New England colonies were the lands that the pilgrims occupied during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. These pioneers came from England to set up communities and farms in...Read More

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