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Algebra Questions and Answers (Q&A)

False. I did that but you refused to accept my answer as being correct.

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Delta Y OVER delta X would mean Change in Y over change in X. A is incorrectly stated. The Rate in Change is also an incomplete answer. B is the only correct answer given.

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This short answer doesn't allow for variations in the answer.

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This short answer does not allow for variations in the short answer--even if they may be correct.

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2(5x) = 2x + 3x +40

10x = 2x + 3x + 40

10x = 5x + 40


5x = 40

x = 8

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What am I supposed to find the vertex of? There is no points or parabola to find the vertex on.

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The answer to this is letter D. You may need to create the graph so that you can better understand which points are not there. Graphs are used in different ways although their main goal is to always show data. If you need to analyze small data, you are better off using a line graph especially if the differences in the data are not too big.

This is also effective if you would like to show how data can change over a short period of time. If you need to work with big data, that is the time when you need to use bar graphs. If you need to show the different parts of a whole, a pie graph would be the best choice. Always check these things so that you can show the results the best way possible.

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Find the half of 78 then read it.

8 is less than half of 78 (which is 8.8, idk why, its supposed to be lower than 8) and half of 78 is less than 9.

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