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Algebra Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I agree with Jky4366 in the fact that the slope is truly 2 rather than -4.
(-5 , 3)
- (-2 , 9)
| | -----> -6 /
|-----------> / -3 = 2

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None of the answer choices are right. Point-slopeform is:

So, the correct way to write it is y-2=2(x-1)


Your answer is right, but it is in slope-intercept form, not in point-slope form. When you simplify y-2=2(x-1) , you get y=2x [or as you said, y=2x+0].


The answer is not=2x+2.

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To this solution it will be -27

1 Answer

This is an algebraic problem where students who are probably in their first year of algebra are asked to follow certain rules they have learned to reduce this problem to lowest terms. The word “simplify” means that you should write your answer in lowest terms by using whatever means you can.

When asked to simplify this algebraic problem, one should consider the following: A power that is negative should be rewritten as a fraction where the numerator is “1” and the denominator is what is in parentheses. The power of zero means that “x” is equal to “1”. When you have the same variable in the numerator and the denominator, you subtract the powers and write the answer where the larger power exists.

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Wait what?!? How can someone explain this to me i ahve a midterm this thursday

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Posted By John "The variables in this question are also the same, being g and f. It does not matter which way around the variables are written, as long as they are both there. We then add like normal to get 9gf - 9fg is also acceptable."
orry John but you must have the variables in alphabetical order. therefore the correct awnser is incorrect.

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