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A "Control Roster" is defined as "...a 6-month observation period for individuals whose duty performance is substandard or who fail to meet or maintain Air Force standards." The CORRECT answer to this question is "Unfavorable Information File (UIF)".

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Basic interpersonal skills; positive(Your Answer)

CORRECT: MSgt Bixby used basic interpersonal skills effectively, which, according to the
Interpersonal Communication chapter, basic interpersonal skills can be broken down into three
sections: Pre-session, Session, and Post-session. Pre-session activities include: diag- nosing, and
preparing. During the session, opening, attending, responding, resolving, and closing skills are
used. Post-session activities include follow-up actions. Bixby knows Johnson was showing up late,
doing poor work, and failing to fulfill his supervi- sory responsibilities and schedules a meeting
with Johnson for the next day (pre-session). He welcomes Johnson to the meeting and said, “I have
noticed that your work perfor- mance has dropped off and you have been late for work several times.
What is going on? (opening skills) Bixby notices Johnson looking uncomfortable, Bixby encouraged
him. (attending skills) “What sort of problems?” Bixby replied. Johnson says, ““I rarely have
enough money to make ends meet so I took a part time job. Now I work 16 hours a day and don’t have
time for anything else.” Bixby asks, “Have you considered asking for help?” (responding/resolving
skills) Johnson replies, “No! I didn’t want anyone to know.” Bixby said, “I understand how you
feel, but since your situation is interfering with your work here we need to get you some help.”
Johnson agreed. Bixby immediately schedules an appointment for Johnson with a financial counselor
and then schedules follow up meeting.
After Johnson departs, Bixby documents the session. (Closing Skills/follow up).

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