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Aerodynamics Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Water is difficult to compress, whereas air is easily compressed by hand.

The pressure exerted on the bottle when it squeezed compresses the air inside the pen cap rather than the water surrounding it. This means that the air in the pen cap takes less space and that more water can move in to take its place. Once enough water has accumulated, the buoyant force becomes insufficient to hold up all of the water in the cap, and the diver sinks. When the bottle is released, the pressure on the air in the cap subsides, and the trapped air expands once again, expelling the accumulated water and causing the cap to rise again.

Bernoulli's principle is unrelated; it states that faster moving fluids are less dense than slower moving fluids.

Ohm's law deals with electricity.

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As air heats up, the particles get sent further apart. In this process, the air becomes less dense. As the hot air immediately above the asphalt convects into the cold air above, the shimmering effect occurs as the air forms small scale wind patterns.

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Wing flaps have a few purposes. They assist in allowing the aircraft to have greater lift at a lower speed. This prevents stalling and is useful during takeoff and when landing. Flaps do cause drag so they are folded back when not in use although this drag is helpful when landing. There are four main designs for flaps.

They are plain, split, slotted, and fowler flaps. Slotted flaps are the most commonly used on aircraft of all sizes while slotted flaps are unusual today. Flaps can increase the wing area, not decrease it. Flaps do not lessen the pilot’s pressure on the controls.

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Pressure of the atmosphere at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying

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Pressure of the surrounding medium such as a fluid or a gas which comes into contact with the object

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