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The word 'quite' acts as an adverb. In this sentence the adjective 'young' is modified by 'quite' as 'young' itself has no extremes of meaning. 'quite' suggests that the person was not a child nor yet old-- adult, but still at the lower end of adulthood. In another sentence, 'quite' might...Read More

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Parenthesis are a pair of brackets used to mark a phrase in a sentence. They contain important details but do not affect the grammatical structure of the remaining sentence. They also help the reader maintain focus on the rest of the sentences, while also providing extra information. Inte...Read More

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Very is describing slowly adverbs describe other adverbs ... ....

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Occasionally, you may see the words sic written in a paragraph or sentence. The paragraph or sentence would be a quote from what someone had said. When the quote is written out, they person may have made a mistake when stating this sentence or paragraph. A word may have been left out. A word...Read More

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In English grammar, isn't YETusedat the end of aninterrogative sentences?"Have you finished your homework yet?".

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