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Adult Learning Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Adult education and learning are a critical concept, whether it is for furthering one's career, going to school to obtain a degree or to extend a current degree. Adults can use their life learned resources to receive credit by challenging specific courses and then they may find that they only need to take limited classes to earn their college degree.

This idea is not a new one in that it was first put into play back in 1833, by Alexander Kapp who was of German descent. Eugene Rosenstock-Huessy furthered the theory, known as Andragogy and then in more recent times the model of adult education was pursued by Malcolm Knowles, who was an educator in the United States. Many colleges provide distance learning, which is internet based or some that work with working adults to further their education and to advance their careers or to help start one.

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There are different elements that are needed that can make an adult learning more effective. The first thing that people need to do is to pay attention. Without this, then the person will not be able to concentrate on what he is trying to learn. Generation is also another factor. This means that the adult has to find something that he already knows and expound on it. It will be hard to learn something that the adult has no idea about.

Emotion will always enhance the memory of adults. The stronger that they feel about what they are learning, the more that they will remember it. Intervals will also play a huge role in how effective adults will learn. This means that they have to learn in batches.

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Traditional learning and adult learning have some differences that should be noted. Adults will always learn best when they know the reason why they are learning something. They will also learn more if they have the freedom to learn whenever they want to. If they would be forced to learn something, they can close their minds to the details that they would learn.

There are times when adults would learn when the time is right. This means that if they have the will to learn at that time, they will absorb details better. When the adult is determined, then learning can occur.

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The theory of adult learning is also known as Andragogy. This is a type of specialized curriculum that has been created specifically for adults. According to Malcolm Knowles, adults tend to learn things differently as compared to kids who will try to learn whatever lessons are given to them. Adults would need to take some intervals and would need the information to be supplied in small doses so that they can effectively learn.

There are some programs that are created specifically for this purpose. Andragogy is different from Pedagogy which is known to focus on how a child learns. Learning is a continuous process and the right methods will help enhance people’s ability to learn.

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A lot of adults would like to go back to college. There is nothing wrong with this. If they want to reach more goals and to learn new things, then they should just find the right school where adult learning will be given in a more effective manner. Charter Oak State College is one of the best schools available. They have a transfer policy that cannot be found in other colleges in the United States.

Excelsior College is another trusted college that will allow adults to grow academically. They have non-resident degree programs too that will be effective for a lot of people. Lastly, Thomas Edison State College is one of people’s chosen colleges because it can offer a lot of courses to adults.

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