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The answer should be 13, why is it not on the choices

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A coefficient is a number used to multiply a variable.

So in this expression, 5 is multiplied with the variable X hence 5 is the Coefficient.

- 6 is the expression.

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Hello Guys,

According to my knowledge here 76+44= 120.


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1/4 of their children will be homozygous recessive (tt), so that means 25% will have Tay-Sachs

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I know that 1+1=2 because thats baby work. I knew that [email protected] since In pre school.So that question is so easy except for 5th grade questions because I am only in 2 grade

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Step 3: she should have multiplied the fractions instead of dividing

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E: One of the dice shows a 2. F: The sum is greater than 8.

E= {(1,2), (2,1), (2,2), (2,3), (2,4), (2,5), (2,6), (3,2), (4,2), (5,2), (6,2)} F= {(3,6), (4,5), (4,6), (5,4), (5,5), (5,6), (6,5), (6,6)} Therefore, events E and F are mutually exclusive events. B= {(

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3 / 5

Let E be the event that the number of the card is even and T be the event that the number is divisible by 3. E and T are NOT mutually exclusive events. E or T = {12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20} P(E or T) = n(E or T) / n(S) = 6/10 = 3/5

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