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Active And Passive Voice Questions and Answers (Q&A)

C is the answer to this question. The state exam has become the subject in this sentence instead of the students so this is an example of a sentence in passive voice. If in case it would be made into active voice, the sentence would be a bit different. It would read, Over half of the students passed the state exam.

The passive voice form is considered to be the less formal type of voice. Those who would like to write formal articles would need to change the format of their sentences to active voice. This will make it easier for the readers to comprehend the thought of the article.

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I like this website a lot. I've been using it to practise with my students. However, I would like to make a point on one of the sentences.

As far as I know the right answer here has to be :

Twillight romance novels have been written by S. Meyers.

My point is that we choose Present Perfect Passive for finished actions without saying when the actions were performed.

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The answer to this is D. As you can tell, the passive voice is usually wordier as compared to the active voice sentence that is direct to the point. It follows that the subject is followed by the action. This means that the subject is the one who does the action.

In passive voice, there is another agent that acts upon the subject and is not the direct subject who acts upon the statement. This type of structure is evident in the other 3 sentences that are given as examples. From the different statements available, it is obvious that D is the proper answer.

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The state exam was passed by over half of the students who took it.

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Here's the correct answer:The Psychology class used the computer lab.

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The students watch videos, use computers, and complete exercises every day in class.

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If this sentence is passive, what would the active form of this sentence be?

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